Corporate Snapshot

bulletFounded & Incorporated in 1991
bulletHeadquartered in St. Louis, Missouri
bulletIntranet-based Content for Plastics Engineering, Reference, and Problem-Solving
bulletPrograms Resulting from Practical on-site Troubleshooting & Training Services

Mission Statement

Our mission at Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. is to promote knowledge transfer for the purpose of expanding and accelerating technological advancement. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive on-line, networked training and reference programs for engineering and manufacturing disciplines. By providing quality products and services that exceed the requirements of our customers, LightSpeed Technologies will continue to achieve and maintain global excellence.


Corporate Profile

LightSpeed Technologies, Inc. has established its expert reputation in the plastics industry by assisting companies in solving plastic production issues. For more than eight years, LightSpeed has been servicing the industry as a consulting firm, as well as providing instructor led training seminars for Fortune 500 companies and industry trade associations.

With the advent of Intranet technologies, LightSpeed has now developed and deployed a Web-based engineering, reference, and problem-solving system, called Engineering Knowledge Netware (EKN). The EKN has become LightSpeed’s flagship product and is quickly becoming recognized as an industry leading plastics training, reference, and problem-solving system for corporate wide use.

Incorporating the perspectives and expertise from a wide spectrum of industry sources is the basis of LightSpeed’s philosophy to creating "world class" technical seminars. Information on new technologies and best practices is continuously screened and analyzed from over 700 equipment and material suppliers, industry associations, trade publications, and EKN user community.

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