Welcome to the Grand Award section of the 2003 SPE Plastics Innovations Awards.  Listed below are the past 32 winners of the SPE Automotive Division Grand Award.

Year Part Name OEM Make/Model Resin
2002 Extruded Polymer Film Fascia DaimlerChrysler 2002 Dodge Neon Formion Multi-Layer Ionomer
2001 Nano-Composite TPO General Motors Astro and Safari HIFAX Nanocomposite DX277 AC TPO
2000 Controlled Energy Management Bumper Isolator Ford Motor Company Windstar Paxon BA50-120 HDPE
1999 Fan Shroud and Reservoir Assembly DaimlerChrysler Dodge Dakota PP
1998 "I" Section Bumper Beam Mitsubishi 1998 Galant Azdel C-467 P G/F
1997 "Carpet to Car Parts" Ford Motor Company All N.A. Vehicles Using Nylon Air Cleaners Minion PCR Reinforced PA
1996 Structural Battery Tray General Motors 1997 EV-1 Taffen PP GMT
1995 Integrated Front End System (I.F.E.S.) Ford Motor Company Taurus/Sable Budd SMC
1994 Thermoplastic Air Intake Manifold General Motors Northstar Engine Ultramid Copolymer
1993 Front End Suspension Stabilizer Link Ford Motor Company 1994 Taurus/Sable Polyacatal-Ultraform N220DG5
1992 Instrument Panel System Chrysler 1993 LH Platform Azdel, Noryl, Taffen, PP, PU Foam
1991 Integrated Child's Seat and Top Impact Pad Chrysler 1992 Caravan/Voyager Taffen, Gecet
1990 Exterior Door Panel General Motors 1991 2-Door and 4-Door Saturns Pulse B250
1989 Composite Wheel Chrysler 1990 Shelby CSX PPG, SMC/XMC
1988 Front Fender General Motors 1989 Cadillac "C" Noryl GTX 910
1987 Quarter Panel Assembly - Sportside General Motors Truck and Bus SMC
1986 Quarter Window General Motors Pontiac Fiero PMMA
1985 Windshield with Anti-Lacerative Layer General Motors Cadillac Polyvinyl Butyral/PE Film
1984 Drive Shaft Ford Motor Company Truck Vinylester/Graphite/Glass
1983 Exterior Body Panels General Motors Pontiac Fiero SMC, RIM, RRIM, & TPO
1982 Tailgate Assembly General Motors   SMC
1981 Radiator Core End Caps Ford Motor Company   GF Nylon
1980 Rear Axle Leaf Spring General Motors Chevrolet Corvette FRP - Epoxy
1979 Grille Opening Panel Assembly Ford Motor Company Truck SMC
1978 Bucket Seat Frame General Motors Chevrolet Corvette SMC
1977 Instrument Panel Ford Motor Company CL-9000 Truck  
1976 Fender Aprons Ford Motor Company   PP
1975 One Piece Jeep Top American Motors Jeep Polycarbonate
1974 Fascia and RR Bumper Cover General Motors Chevrolet Monza RIM Polyurethane
1973 Block Heater Motor Housing Ford Motor Company    
1972 Radiator Fan Shroud Assembly General Motors Buick GF PP
1971 Transmission Reactor Ford Motor Company   Phenolic