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Body Exterior - Entry 4


Base/Luxury Blow Molded Running Boards
2005 General Motors GMT 800 Full Size SUV's
System Supplier: ABC Group
Molder: ABC Group
Tooling Supplier: Supreme Tooling (ABC Group) 
Material Supplier: Salflex Polymers (ABC Group) 
Resin:  Salflex 815 GF PP
These large blow molded structural exterior parts are greater than 2300 mm in length. Design meets customer grain/appearance requirements, high heat deflection, and dynamic requirements. An innovative bracket attachment method/design facilitates in plant installation, versus dealer installation for previous designs. Design offers significant cost and weight savings, has an integrated step pad, and offers mold in color and painted body color options for luxury versions.


Body Exterior - Entry 17


Carbon Fiber Rear Decklid Inner
2005 Ford GT 

System Supplier: Mayflower Vehicle Systems
Molder: SPARTA Composites
Tooling Supplier: Coast Composites
Material Supplier: Toray Composites (America) 
Resin:  Torayca T600SC-24K Epoxy
The Ford GT utilizes a multifunctional Carbon Fiber composite deck lid inner panel. This part design offers parts integration, improved dimensional control, inherent corrosion resistance, lower tooling investment and variable cost reduction versus alternatives such as stamped steel or aluminum panels.


Body Exterior - Entry 51


Hybrid Plastic/Steel Truck Front Step Bumper
2005 DaimlerChrysler HB Durango 
System Supplier: NetShape International, L.L.C.
Molder: NetShape International, L.L.C.
Tooling Supplier: HS Die
Material Supplier: GE Plastics
Resin:  Xenoy 1103 PC/PBT
This new design is able to provide a 300 lb step load without additional brackets and allows for a much smaller beam at a significant weight savings vs. all steel systems. Fascia snap attachments were integrated for fast, inexpensive assembly; integrated fog lamp brackets eliminate extra parts and increases rigidity. Fog lamps are assembled, aimed and checked at NetShape. Fascia gaps to body were reduced, resulting in better appearance and fit & finish.


Body Exterior - Entry 30
Blow Molded Step Bar
2005 Ford Escape
System Supplier: ABC Group
Molder: ABC Group
Tooling Supplier: Supreme Tooling (ABC Group) 
Material Supplier: Salflex Polymers (ABC Group) 
Resin:  Salflex 815-CW 815-CW GF PP
The Step Bar is a blow molded structural product made from recyclable material that has 10-year weatherable, paint-free class "A" surface finish on a horizontal plane with improved appearance. The blow molded step bar is made in one operation. It replaces a steel assembly made from multiple tooled parts and high labor content to simultaneously reduce cost, weight and investment while improving quality and the environment.


Body Exterior - Entry 35
Two Shot Weather Seal
2004 General Motors Envoy XUV
System Supplier: Lacks Industries
Molder: NylonCraft
Tooling Supplier: HS Die
Material Supplier: BASF & Multibase
Resin:  Luran S & Multiflex 777K & 1004L ASA & TPE
This part provides a highly aesthetic weather seal, combining ASA and TPE in a color matched, two shot, class A sealing application. An innovative lap joint design increases adhesion between the two materials, with testing values that exceed 175N. Creative tooling design and unite part design combine to give superior overall part performance.