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Body Interior - Entry 2


Door Trim with Integrated Acoustic Chamber and Subwoofer
2005 Ford Mustang
System Supplier: Visteon Corporation
Molder: Visteon Utica Trim Plant
Tooling Supplier: T.A. Systems
Branson Automotive
Material Supplier: Ferro Corporation
First door ever produced with an integral hermetically sealed acoustic chamber and subwoofer. Part includes tunable features within the impact zone of the integral chamber to meet side impact performance requirements without the use of a standard hip bolster.


Body Interior - Entry 58


Instrument Panel Carrier
2005 Ford, Volvo, Mazda S40, V50, C-Max, Focus, Mazda 3 
System Supplier: Faurecia
Molder: FPK & Nishikawa 
Tooling Supplier: None
Material Supplier: Quadrant Plastic Composites, AG
Resin:  Quadrant E100F40 PP
This application is an instrument panel in which the cross car beam is integrated into the part by encapsulating it during the compression molding process. The IP system also integrates duct work, right and left hand drive in one design and nearly a dozen other features. System weight was reduced by 4.4 lbs, and provided an estimated 12% cost reduction versus previous designs.


Body Interior - Entry 11


SRIM Load Floor/Storage System
2005 DaimlerChrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan
System Supplier: DaimlerChrysler
Molder: Collins & Aikman
Tooling Supplier: Premier Tooling
Material Supplier: Bayer MaterialScience, L.L.C.
Resin:  Baydur 426 IMR RIM
The first commercialized Mini Van in the world with a load floor storage system utilizing SRIM doors that serve not only as covers for stowed second and third row seats but also serve as the load floor structure itself. Fitting within a 6 mm packaging envelope, the SRIM doors of the load floor storage system meet knee and heel loads within the maximum allowable deflection.


Body Interior - Entry 33


Low Density Glass Mat Thermoplastic Interior
2005 Ford GT
System Supplier: Lear Corporation
Molder: WK Industries, Inc.
Tooling Supplier: WK Industries, Inc.
Material Supplier: Azdel, Inc.
Resin:  Azdel SuperLite SL551800.123 & SL551200.123 PP
Various soft touch interior parts on the Ford GT, including door trim panels, upper and lower IP, all pillar trim, arm rest, headliner, header trim panel and rear bulkhead are made with low density glass mat thermoplastics (GMT). The use of low density GMT resulted in these interior parts being 50% or greater lighter in weight vs. traditional engineered or commodity thermoplastic composites as well as significantly reducing primary and secondary tooling costs by an estimated 50 to 80%.


Body Interior - Entry 3
EPP Seating
2005 Audi A2 -Íko-
System Supplier: Lear Corporation
Molder: JSP International
Tooling Supplier: Walter
Material Supplier: JSP International
Resin:  ARPRO« EPP 5130 PP
The Audi A2 employs a unique, 100% recyclable seat system that utilizes expanded polypropylene (EPP) in combination with an insert molded wire frame thereby allowing for a thinner profile seat assembly, yielding a 30% system weight savings. The EPP components are covered by a conventional polyurethane foam pad and cover material, mounted onto an aluminum seat structure offering significant weight savings for the Audi A2.


Body Interior - Entry 27
One-piece Gas Assist Thermoplastic Structural Knee Bolster
2002 Ford Explorer
System Supplier: Visteon Corporation
Molder: Summit Polymers Inc.
Tooling Supplier: Hi-Tech Mold
Material Supplier: Bayer
Resin:  T-85 PC-ABS
The Ford Explorer uses a one piece gas-assist thermoplastic structural knee bolster in which a steel plate reinforcement is eliminated by forming stiffening beads through gas injection molding on the plastic cover with class 'A' finish. Significant cost and weight savings are realized as a result of parts integration.


Body Interior - Entry 40
Self-Retained Door Frame Finisher
2005 DaimlerChrysler Pacifica
System Supplier: Sarnamotive Blue Water Inc.
Molder: Jordan Creek Plastics div SBWI 
Tooling Supplier: IBS Brocke
Material Supplier: BASF
Resin:  Capron TG3S PA
A Self-retaining Door Frame Finisher (DFF) has been designed and is being used on the DaimlerChrysler Pacifica in which no clips or screws are required for final assembly. This thin wall part, which incorporates the mirror flag, accommodates the minimal packaging space available in door seal area and provides a consistent surface for the door seal to mate to by covering weld joints, as well.