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Process/Assembly/Engineering Technologies - Entry 45


Simultaneous Shot Injection Molded Instrument Panel
2005 Ford Mustang
System Supplier: Visteon Automotive Systems
Molder: Visteon - Saline Plant/ Husky Injection Molding Systems
Tooling Supplier: Lamko Tool & Mold Inc.
Material Supplier: Advanced Composites
Resin:  PP
Simultaneous multi-shot, Class A molded-in-color polypropylene injection molded instrument panel lower; giving a 2-tone appearance without painting. CAE flow front analysis was developed to predict mold flow for simultaneous shot molding of two colors and sequential valve gate tooling was used. This provided knit lines of two colors under the non-appearance surface which is covered by separate trim, giving perception of two color parts molded separately.


Process/Assembly/Engineering Technologies - Entry 1


Ship-in-a-Bottle (SIB) Fuel Tank Assembly
2004.5 Ford Ford GT
System Supplier: TI Automotive
Molder: TI Automotive
Tooling Supplier: Service Mold
Roush Industries
Material Supplier: ExxonMobil
Resin:  Paxon BA46-055 HDPE
This design features complete encapsulation of entire fuel system pumping, pressure regulation, level sensing and vapor management systems in a blow molded tank shell. First gasoline application of non-moving piezo level sensing in production. Incorporates active bottom-referencing jet pumps, and utilizes an in-flash, compression molded, 11-layer blow pin plug.


Process/Assembly/Engineering Technologies - Entry 18


Running Board
2005 General Motors SSR Roadster
System Supplier: American Specialty Car
Molder: Durakon Industries
Tooling Supplier: Parker Tool
Material Supplier: A. Schulman
Avery Dennison
Solvay Engineered Polymers
Spartech Polycom
Resin:  Polytrope TPP 1024
Avloy Formable Paint Film
Respond EX 4290
EP6430 TPO / GF PP
The SSR Running Board is the first exterior body color matched paint film part made by twin sheet thermoformed in female tools. Additional innovative features are the use of a co-extrusion of TPO over glass-filled polypropylene, which allows the design to meet stiffness and deflection requirements. A non-uniform parting line was designed to hide the weld line when part is installed on vehicle.


Process/Assembly/Engineering Technologies - Entry 7
Molding Press Process Monitor System
2002 Ford Numerous Ford Vehicles
System Supplier: Plant Engineering Systems
Molder: Thyssen Krupp Budd
Tooling Supplier: -
Material Supplier: -
Resin:  SMC
MPPM System provides a highly accurate yet intuitive graphic overview of critical molding parameters. This feedback allows molders to quickly find and correct potential molding process problems which lead to poor quality, process variability, unnecessary rework, and high scrap costs. In addition to real time monitoring, the MPPM System integrates automated Statistical Process Control (SPC), process capability analysis, and complete product and process traceability.


Process/Assembly/Engineering Technologies - Entry 8
Analysis Process for the Weldability Evaluation
2000 Ford Focus

System Supplier: Visteon Corporation
Molder: Visteon Corporation
Tooling Supplier: MS Industry/Bielomatic Inc.
Material Supplier: Basell
Resin:  XFBR712 TPO
Standard and comprehensive procedures to evaluate material weldability and performance of welded parts have been developed and applied successfully for several programs. Application of this technology has reduced scrap rates, improved robustness of the welding process, and reduced warranty issues associated with welding integrity and squeak and rattle.


Process/Assembly/Engineering Technologies - Entry 13
Composite Dashboard
2005 Dr. Ing.h.c.F. Porsche AG Carrera GT
System Supplier: Carbotec (Austria)
Molder: Carbotec (Austria)
Tooling Supplier: Gerg
Material Supplier: Advanced Composite
Resin:  HF-M9.6F Epoxy
This process achieves the physical attributes of parts normally processed in an autoclave, without needing an autoclave. Developed using an aluminum tool concept, with oil heating and cooling, and a pressure regulation system to produce the part. This process simplifies the lamination process for the prepregs by using a laser-based positioning system fixed to the tool and higher flexibility in the working cycle through independence compared to autoclave cycles.


Process/Assembly/Engineering Technologies - Entry 26
Air Intake Manifold Utilizing Vibration and Laser Welding
2005 Toyota Tundra & Tacoma
System Supplier: Denso
Molder: Montaplast of North America, Inc.
Tooling Supplier: Montaplast GmbH
Material Supplier: BASF Corporation
Resin:  Ultramid B3WG6 blk 564 BGVW GF PA6
This application uses Laser Welding to assemble the Acoustic Control Induction System valve to the vibration welded, air intake manifold. Laser welded assembly system eliminates 4 compression limiters, 4 threaded bolts, 4 threaded inserts, and eliminates elastomer seals. The application saved approximately 25% in weight, 10% cost, and reduced required packaging space by 50%.


Process/Assembly/Engineering Technologies - Entry 47
Load Floor and Trunk Separator
2005 DaimlerChrysler Crossfire Convertible
System Supplier: Wilheim Karmann GmbH
Molder: Centrotec Composites GmbH
Tooling Supplier: Centrotec Composites GmbH
Material Supplier: Quadrant Plastic Composites
Resin:  Symalite SL100G55L1813 & SL100G55L2013 GF PP
This process provides different wall thicknesses in one part (2-12mm), integrated hinges, overlapping decoration layer, edge and decoration trimming directly in the mold, one shot molding with only a 55-ton press. Part incorporates in mold decorating in a lightweight design with integrated features. The lofted material provides significant reduction of the deflection under load.