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Performance and Customization - Entry 57


Gas-Assist Compression Molded Towing Package
System Supplier: Cequent Towing
Molder: Composite Technologies
Tooling Supplier: Brinkman Tool and Die
Alliance Gas Systems
Material Supplier: Composite Technologies
Resin:  Proprietary LFTGF30 GF PP
This application is the first gas-assist thermoplastic compression molded aftermarket part. As a result of gas injection, the structural towing tray has 50% less wall stock thickness in the lip area minimizing warpage, post mold sink lines, part weight and cycle time while meeting aesthetic requirements. Patented gas-assist technology enables the production of structural long glass PP parts with thinner cross-sections, eliminating part distortion, maintain aesthetic appearance, reducing part weight and cycle time thereby saving cost.


Performance and Customization - Entry 29


Plastic Hard Doors Electric Vehicle
2002 GEM / DaimlerChrysler GEM e4; e2; eL ; eS
System Supplier: RCO Engineering
Molder: RCO Engineering
Tooling Supplier: RCO Engineering
Material Supplier: ExxonMobil
Resin:  ExxonMobil Outer - 8224
Inner - AX03B PP
These large injection molded outer and inner panels are fastened together to create a rigid door with little support structure, creating a functional door with a sliding window with minimal supporting parts and mechanisms. The parts are molded in color, requiring no additional finishing process. Easy to install, the assembly offers significant weight saving versus alternate construction options.


Performance and Customization - Entry 50


Dockable Family Entertainment System
System Supplier: Visteon Corporation
Molder: Yong Ru Plastics (China)
Tooling Supplier: Yong Ru Plastics (China)
Material Supplier: GE ( China)
Resin:  Cycolac C2950HF PC/ABS
This is the first 10.2" DVD portable player that is dockable into the vehicle. Plastics addressed wear properties, temperature requirements and weight savings. The docking station is integrated into the vehicle allowing the consumer to use the vehicle audio system. In addition, the consumer can remove the DVD player and use as a portable device. CAE modeling was used to ensure successful crash testing.


Performance and Customization - Entry 37
Fuel Systems Module
2004 Mercury Marine Verado
System Supplier: Magneti Marelli Powertrain USA
Molder: Pyramid Plastics Inc.
Tooling Supplier: Industrial Molds Inc.
Material Supplier: DuPont Engineering Polymers
Resin:  Zytel HTN PA
It is the world’s first fuel module for a marine engine with a molded plastic housing. Owing to its location on the Mercury Verado outboard engine, the module is often immersed in saltwater or fresh water. The module housing’s key functional requirements are to protect the module’s internal components by sealing out water, to provide structural support and integral assembly features for internal components and to serve as a fuel reservoir.


Performance and Customization - Entry 38
Exterior Bed Trim
2005 General Motors Hummer SUT
System Supplier: SportRack Automotive, Inc.
Molder: SportRack Automotive, Inc.
Tooling Supplier: Dem-Cav
Material Supplier: Basell
Resin:  HiFax 284 284 Nano-Clay TPO
First high volume, commercial use for nano-clay filled TPO. Excellent gloss, dimensional and thermal stability, excellent weathering, and excellent scratch resistance and surface appearance. Material system also provides lighter weight than typical talc-filled TPO's.


Performance and Customization - Entry 44
One Piece Rear Floor Mat
2005 DaimlerChrysler Dodge Dakota
System Supplier: Lund International
Molder: Evco
Tooling Supplier: Lund International
Material Supplier: PolyOne
Resin:  Synprene X15502002103 TPE
This application is a custom-formed 1-piece rear mat molded in TPE. It has large, deep slush holding ribs, molded-in tunnel hump profile, and is molded in a mold and mildew resistant material. Saves 30-50% weight versus typical vinyl plastisol products.


Performance and Customization - Entry 52
TACNET Control Pod
System Supplier: Visteon Automotive Systems
Molder: Key Plastics
Tooling Supplier: Visteon Automotive Systems
Material Supplier: GE Plastics
Resin:  Cycolac/Lexan Various ABS, PC
TACNET integrates the control of law enforcement electronics in a police vehicle and introduces voice control, HUD and system control via an ergonomic control pod. The control pod incorporates an elastomeric skin with a complex form fitting shape, light transmittal and integrated rocker actuated buttons. The control pod was designed such that when the hand rests on the pod, fingers naturally fall into position on the buttons.


Performance and Customization - Entry 54
Fascia Cap Over
2005 Joe Gibbs Silverado
System Supplier: Decoma (DSIG)
Molder: Advantage
Tooling Supplier: Advantage
Material Supplier: Solvay Engineered Polymers, Inc.
Resin:  Dexflex 930 TPO
Innovative use of a TPO shell, capping an existing production Metal Bumper System, providing the feature of affordable differentiation. This design enabled the manufacturer to build a low cost "sport styled" appearance change, while meeting all OEM performance specifications.