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Powertrain - Entry 39


Oil Pan Module
2004 DaimlerChrysler Actros BR500
System Supplier: KTSN
Molder: KTSN
Tooling Supplier: Hause Presswerkzeugbau
Material Supplier: BASF Corporation
Resin:  Ultramid A3HG7 35% GFR PA66
Thermoplastic design allows for 30% more oil and extends the oil change intervals by 50% resulting in lower maintenance costs. Very complex tool design integrates many features into the molded part design. The plastic oil pan module is 1dB quieter than the aluminum module, and weighs 50% less.


Powertrain - Entry 21


Transmission Oil Pan with Integral Filter
2005 BMW 7 Series
System Supplier: ZF GmbH
Molder: IBS Filtran & SPX Filtran
Tooling Supplier: IBS Filtran
Material Supplier: LanXess
Resin:  Durethan AKV35 H2.0 PA66GF35 GF PA
First successful plastic automotive transmission oil pan with integral lifetime filter element. Other benefits of this design include parts consolidation, reduced fluid aeration, ease of recycling, and improved acoustics. Provided a 40% weight savings versus comparable metal designs, and up to 18% cost savings.


Powertrain - Entry 34


Oil Module with Plastic Housing
2005 Volkswagen Audi A3 / A6

System Supplier: Mann+Hummel USA, Inc.
Molder: Mann+Hummel USA, Inc.
Tooling Supplier: Fa. Schittelkop
Material Supplier: LanXess Corporation
Resin:  Durethan AKV35SR1 H2.0 PA
An all plastic housing replaces die-cast and machined aluminum for significant cost and weight savings. The plastic oil module integrates all the functions and provides an innovative automatic oil drain system.


Powertrain - Entry 53


Charge Air Cooling Duct
2004 Ford Super Duty F-Series Truck
System Supplier: Casade Engineering
Molder: Casade Engineering
Tooling Supplier: Roush Industries
Material Supplier: DuPont Automotive
Resin:  Hytrel
Soft: 4275
Hard: 8539 TPE (TEEE)
In a first time metals replacement, a one piece air cooling duct with integral clamps reduced the total assembly from 7 metal pieces to 3 pieces total. The design utilized soft and hard durometer Hytrel in sequential coextrusion process to produce an airduct that is rigid enough to withstand high temperatures and pressures, while maintaining flexibility in other areas for sealing and engine movement.


Powertrain - Entry 20
Engine-Mounted Mechanical Fan Shroud
2004 DaimlerChrysler RAM HD Pick-Up - Diesel
System Supplier: Sur-Flo Plastics
Molder: Sur-Flo Plastics
Tooling Supplier: Romeo Mold & Engineering, Inc.
Material Supplier: Solvay Engineered Polymers, Inc.
Resin:  NexPreneŽ 1087A TPE/TPV
The plastic ring with overmolded TPV allowed for a simple but elegant low cost solution to improve engine cooling. The materials used allowed for optimization of airflow and radiator coverage. The design significantly improved the durability for the fan/shroud system.


Powertrain - Entry 25
Integrated Air Intake Module and Cylinder Head Cover
2004 Toyota/Daihatsu 1KR-FE CHC & PAIM
System Supplier: Toyoda Boshoku
Molder: Toyoda Boshoku
Tooling Supplier: -
Material Supplier: BASF Corporation
Resin:  Ultramid B3WG6 BGVW GF PA6
This is the first air intake manifold integrated with the cylinder head cover using glass filled nylon. This unique integrated design allows for convenient in plant manufacturing process, and achieved a 30% weight savings versus aluminum.


Powertrain - Entry 28
Long Life Filtration System
2005 Ford Focus
System Supplier: Visteon Coorporation
Molder: Visteon Coorporation
Tooling Supplier: -
Material Supplier: Ferro Corporation
Resin:  HPP30GR20BK GF PP
It is the first factory installed, zero maintenance engine air filter used in the automotive industry, utilizing a patented design combining a multi-layer polymeric filter media. The air cleaner is vibration welded shut to form the joint of the air cleaner halves. This creates a permanently sealed air cleaner.