Body Exterior - Entry 37


Composite In-Bed Trunk

OEM: Honda
Model: Ridgeline
Model Year: 2006
System Supplier: Meridian Automotive Systems
Molder / Processor: Meridian Automotive Systems
Toolmaker: Century / Global Tooling Systems
Material Supplier: Meridian / Ashland
Generic Resin Type: SMC
Resin Trade Name: N/A
Grade: N/A
Summary:  This is the industry’s first composite, multi-piece, in-bed trunk. The use of SMC composites permitted a lockable storage area in a pick-up truck that has integrated tie-down features, high carrying capacity (1100 lb), better impact strength, and improved slip and corrosion resistance.



Body Exterior - Entry 8


Panorama Roof Module

OEM: General Motors
Model: Opel Zafira
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: Webasto AG
Molder / Processor: Webasto AG
Toolmaker: Webasto AG
Material Supplier: GE Advanced Materials
Generic Resin Type: ITR Copolymer
Resin Trade Name: Lexan SLX
Grade: 13020SR
Summary:  The Panorama Roof Module is an innovative plastic/glass structure, which creates the appearance of a panoramic roof built entirely of glass, yet features complex 3D geometries along the raised central spine. This design offers improved aerodynamics, exterior weathering, weight reduction, cost savings, integrated interior storage, is paint free, and is a 'one-step' OEM assembly.



Body Exterior - Entry 10


Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Fenders

OEM: General Motors
Model: Corvette Z06
Model Year: 2006
System Supplier: Vermont Composites, Inc
Molder / Processor: Vermont Composites, Inc
Toolmaker: Models and Tools, Inc.
Material Supplier: Toray Composites of America
Generic Resin Type: Epoxy
Resin Trade Name: N/A
Grade: G83
Summary:  These fenders incorporate a carbon fiber/epoxy composite material and process for an ultra-light weight (70% mass reduction) and highly structural exterior component. This component currently represents the largest production volume of any high-performance, carbon-fiber-based automotive application.



Body Exterior - Entry 49


All-Plastic Glass Run Channel

OEM: DaimlerChrysler
Model: Jeep Liberty
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: JYCO Sealing Technologies
Molder / Processor: JYCO Sealing Technologies
Toolmaker: JYCO Sealing Technologies
Material Supplier: ExxonMobil
Generic Resin Type: TPV
Resin Trade Name: Santoprene
Grade: 121-73
Summary:  The industry’s first all-thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) glass-run channel offers a lower cost (32% reduction), weight reduction (2.64 kg per vehicle), and improved appearance. The recyclable thermoplastic material meets all application performance and durability requirements, and provides improved processing for the material processor.


Body Exterior - Entry 9

Radiator Air Deflector Assembly

OEM: Ford 
Model: Focus
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: Hematite 
Molder / Processor: Hematite 
Toolmaker: Portage Casting & Mold/Huron Model & Gage
Material Supplier: Hematite & Spartech
Generic Resin Type: HMWHDPE 
Resin Trade Name: N/A
Grade: Exxon BA5100
Summary:  A flexible, large thermoformed air dam results in multiple performance improvements. The high molecular weight (HMW) high-density polyethylene (HDPE) part (using a combination of virgin and recycled materials) offers improved curb impingement and low-temperature impact, lighter weight, and an improved air-drag coefficient. The application significantly lowers component costs and offers Ford improved road life to meet longer warranty requirements.


Body Exterior - Entry 11

Luggage Rack Covers

OEM: Nissan
Model: Quest
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: JAC Products
Molder / Processor: JAC Products
Toolmaker: Lens Tool & Mold Ltd.
Material Supplier: GE Advanced Materials
Generic Resin Type: ASA/PC
Resin Trade Name: Geloy 
Grade: FXW750SK
Summary:  These luggage-rack covers utilize a new type of metallic-look, molded-in color (MIC) thermoplastic resin that offers lower part costs (by eliminating painting) and meets long-term heat resistance, durability, and weatherability requirements.


Body Exterior - Entry 31

Rear Fixed Window

OEM: Seat
Model: Leon
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: Freeglass
Molder / Processor: N/A
Toolmaker: N/A
Material Supplier: GE Advanced Materials
Generic Resin Type: PC
Resin Trade Name: Lexan
Grade: LS2
Summary:  The Plastic Rear Window utilizes a uniquely molded polycarbonate rear window that meets weatherability, abrasion, and safety requirements. An integrated door-handle pocket offers styling and aerodynamic advantages not available in traditional tempered-glass solutions. A significant mass reduction (50% vs. glass) also is gained.


Body Exterior - Entry 38

Power Fold Mirror Bracket

OEM: Ford
Model: F150 Pickup Truck
Model Year: 2004
System Supplier: Magna Donnelly
Molder / Processor: Magna Donnelly
Toolmaker: Die Tech Engineering
Material Supplier: BASF Corporation
Generic Resin Type: PBT
Resin Trade Name: Ultradur
Grade: 4040G10
Summary:  This power mirror bracket uses the industry’s first injection-molded design. A glass-filled polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) thermoplastic replaces a die-cast aluminum part, resulting in a 27% mass savings and 30% cost savings.


Body Exterior - Entry 47

Thermoformed Tonneau Cover System

OEM: Honda 
Model: Ridgeline 
Model Year: 2006
System Supplier: Durakon Industries
Molder / Processor: Durakon Mexicana
Toolmaker: Parker Tool
Material Supplier: A. Schulman Co.
Generic Resin Type: TPO
Resin Trade Name: TPO
Grade: 1026
Summary:  This new tonneau cover utilizes a foam-filled, twin-sheet thermoformed construction that offers a lightweight (30% mass savings), low cost, Class-A appearance. The thermoplastic olefin (TPO) based application has improved structural integrity, water management, and ergonomic handling.