Body Interior - Entry 12



HVAC Film Valve

OEM: General Motors
Model: Pontiac Grand Prix
Model Year: 2004
System Supplier: Delphi Corporation
Molder / Processor: Macauto Industrial Co., Ltd.
Toolmaker: Macauto Industrial Co., Ltd.
Material Supplier: Saint Gobain PPL
Generic Resin Type: PTFE/Fiberglass/Silicone
Resin Trade Name: N/A
Grade: N/A
Summary:  A highly flexible, plastic film valve with apertures is moved within a housing to precisely meter airflow within a very confined space without stratificating hot & cold airstreams. The composite "film" is made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and silicone rubber reinforced with fiberglass. For manufacturability, a unique plastic snap-fit spring-loaded pin / bearing assembly was developed. The film valve offers 13 thermal settings for improved passenger comfort. The tensioning system results in superior anti-rattle & anti-vibration characteristics. Air rush noise is reduced because the valve does not "rudder" through the air stream, which would otherwise create turbulence.



Body Interior - Entry 35



Expanded Polypropylene Seat Base

OEM: General Motors
Model: Chevrolet Impala
Model Year: 2006
System Supplier: Lear Corporation
Molder / Processor: JSP International
Toolmaker: Schraml Metalworks
Material Supplier: JSP International
Generic Resin Type: EPP
Resin Trade Name: Arpro
Grade: N/A
Summary:  This expanded polypropylene (EPP) seat system allows for a thinner profile assembly, yielding significant systems weight savings. The thin profile allows the seat to flip up with a hinge mechanism inserted into the EPP core component. This unique application also allows storage of components under the seat during vehicle travel. The seat is 100% recyclable within existing waste-stream recovery systems.



Body Interior - Entry 64



Seamless Passenger Airbag Lid

OEM: Honda
Model: Civic
Model Year: 2006
System Supplier: Takata Restraint Systems, Inc.
Molder / Processor: Visteon - Carplastic Plant
Toolmaker: Build A Mold
Material Supplier: Mitsubishi Chemical
Generic Resin Type: TPO
Resin Trade Name: N/A
Grade: AP15
Summary:  This is the first application of a laser-scored, integrated seamless topper-pad lid where the topper lid is made by injection molding directly into a soft TPO skin. The soft topper pad is made of olefinic materials and is fully recyclable. Multi-cavity thermoforming of the TPO skin reduces manufacturing costs. The topper pad provides an excellent soft feel, an integrated passenger airbag (PAB) lid appearance, and good deployments without the costs associated with high-end, soft composite topper-pad manufacturing.



Body Interior - Entry 66



In-Mold-Coated, Injected PUR Skin

OEM: DaimlerChrysler / Mercedes
Model: S-Class & SLK
Model Year: 2004
System Supplier: Faurecia Interior Systems
Molder / Processor: Faurecia Interior Systems
Toolmaker: Frimo Sontra
Material Supplier: Elastogran, BASF, ISL
Generic Resin Type: PUR
Resin Trade Name: Elastoskin
Grade: I4639/107
Summary:  The combination of in-mold coating (IMC) and polyurethane (PUR) injection results in a two-component material composition with good design flexibility, fully reproducible 3D shape, and thickness tolerances of 0.1 mm for instrument panels and door panels with a 3D, two-color design. The skin is PVC free with excellent mechanical properties, excellent appearance, and fit & finish with very sharp radii, resulting in a soft-touch panel.



Body Interior - Entry 6



Integrally Molded Hidden Airbag Door Chute and Cover

OEM: General Motors
Model: Chevy Malibu / Pontiac G6
Model Year: 2004
System Supplier: Delphi Corporation
Molder / Processor: Delphi Corporation
Toolmaker: Pro-Tech
Material Supplier: GE Advanced Materials
Generic Resin Type: PC/ABS
Resin Trade Name: Cycoloy
Grade: IP1000
Summary:  The chute to direct passenger airbag deployment from a hidden door in a structure-mounted module is molded directly into the main instrument-panel retainer. A pattern of offset molded-in relief, followed by hot-knife trim ensures consistent tear-seam performance without the need of metal reinforcement. The chute is designed with energy-absorbing material to control head-impact loads as well as directing airbag deployment.



Body Interior - Entry 32



MIC Low-Gloss, Soft-Touch Door-Handle Bezel

OEM: General Motors
Model: Chevrolet Trailblazer
Model Year: 2006
System Supplier: MacDonald Industrial Products
Molder / Processor: MacDonald Industrial Products
Toolmaker: Mattson
Material Supplier: Ticona
Generic Resin Type: POM
Resin Trade Name: Celcon
Grade: UV140LG
Summary:  This application achieves a molded-in color (MIC), low-gloss, soft-touch appearance without the use of paint. The door handle bezel has a warm, matte finish out of the mold, and also offers high creep modulus, which enables the use of a snap-fit assembly for lower assembly costs (over $1.50 each), reduced parts, and improved long-term performance.



Body Interior - Entry 33



High-Modulus HVAC Louvers

OEM: General Motors
Model: Corvette
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: Intier
Molder / Processor: Summit Polymers
Toolmaker: Summit Polymers
Material Supplier: Ticona
Generic Resin Type: LFRT PA
Resin Trade Name: Celstran
Grade: PA6GF60
Summary:  This high-modulus heating / ventilation / air conditioning (HVAC) vane provides a "robust feel." The application eliminated the need for metal reinforcement in the louver, saving the cost and mass of a cast-metal alternative. Despite being molded from a 60%-glass-filled long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT) nylon polymer, the material still features a Class-A, molded-in color finish.



Body Interior - Entry 54



Flip-'n-Fold Load Floor

OEM: DaimlerChrysler
Model: Mini-Van
Model Year: 2006
System Supplier: Intier Automotive
Molder / Processor: Ontegra Brighton
Toolmaker: Trend Tool
Material Supplier: Huntsman Polyurethanes
Generic Resin Type: SRIM
Resin Trade Name: N/A
Grade: N/A
Summary:  The redesigned load-floor doors enable customer access to a floor storage area in all seat positions. A locking-bar apparatus allows the load floor to provide dual function, so the space can be used for cargo or seat storage. The carpet is molded directly to the structural reaction-injection molding (SRIM) substrate, generating additional cost savings and improving quality.