Performance & Customization - Entry 42



Cargo Management System

OEM: Ford
Model: Escape
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: Lear Corporation
Molder / Processor: SCA Packaging North America
Toolmaker: Lear Corporation/SCA Packaging North America
Material Supplier: JSP International
Generic Resin Type: EPP
Resin Trade Name: Arpro
Grade: N/A
Summary:  A molded expanded-polypropylene (EPP) foam structure, combined with a blow-molded lid and deep-draw thermoformed carpet, creates a lightweight system that meets Ford's tough load / deflection requirements for a cargo management system. A tongue-and-groove design ensures fit to vehicle during installation at the assembly plant. The system provides significant additional secure storage.



Performance & Customization - Entry 27



Midbox Door Assembly

OEM: General Motors
Model: Colorado / Canyon
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: Decoma SVEA
Molder / Processor: Carlisle
Toolmaker: N/A
Material Supplier: Washington Penn/Soliant
Generic Resin Type: TPO
Resin Trade Name: N/A
Grade: 151
Summary:  A thick-sheet thermoformed outer skin with paint film is bonded to an inner structure, creating the largest and flattest application of a Class-A body panel. Midbox is the first vehicle of its kind where GM builds a vehicle with an approximate 600-mm space between the cab and box. The Tier I supplier installs a midbox with a fully enclosed, lockable storage compartment that is fully integrated into vehicle styling.



Performance & Customization - Entry 26



Blow-Molded Functional Hood Scoop

OEM: Aftermarket
Model: N/A
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: Decoma - Imageworks
Molder / Processor: Projxauto
Toolmaker: Projxauto
Material Supplier: Dow Automotive
Generic Resin Type: ABS
Resin Trade Name: Magnum
Grade: 1250BG
Summary:  A functional hood scoop was created with minimal tooling investment. The design features an integrated beam structure and allows the interchange of front screens to match vehicle harmony. A designed-in beam provides structural support to prevent thermal sagging.


Performance & Customization - Entry 56



Cargo Bedliner Support Block

OEM: DaimlerChrysler
Model: Dodge Caravan
Model Year: 2006
System Supplier: Enerflex Solutions
Molder / Processor: Diversified Plastics
Toolmaker: Polymolds
Material Supplier: JSP International
Generic Resin Type: EPP
Resin Trade Name: Arpro
Grade: LB30A
Summary:  Expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam blocks provide a structural bridge between the underbody sheet-metal structure and the load floor to create a flat floor that permits the overlay of a flat bedliner. This easily removable component allows customers to customize their vehicle for additional storage space. Over 60% weight savings and 30% cost savings were achieved vs. alternative designs.