Powertrain - Entry 28



Water-Jacket Spacer

OEM: Toyota
Model: Crown
Model Year: 2003
System Supplier: Aisan Industry Co.
Molder / Processor: Uchiyama Manufacturing Co.
Toolmaker: Uchiyama Manufacturing Co.
Material Supplier: DuPont K.K.
Generic Resin Type: PPA
Resin Trade Name: Zytel
Grade: HTN 51G35HSL
Summary:  The water-jacket spacer directs coolant flow to transfer heat away from key areas of the cylinder bore liner, and the improved cooling increases fuel economy and extends engine life. Molded in PPA resin, this is a breakthrough application because it is the first water-jacket spacer designed for open-deck engines.



Powertrain - Entry 29



Crankshaft Flange

OEM: Volkswagen
Model: N/A
Model Year: 2004
System Supplier: Kaco GmbH + Co. KG
Molder / Processor: Kaco GmbH + Co. KG
Toolmaker: N/A
Material Supplier: Ticona GmbH
Generic Resin Type: PPS
Resin Trade Name: Fortron
Grade: 4332L6
Summary:  Three different plastic materials are combined to form this crankshaft flange. The flange integrates the sensor plus multiple wheels for determining the crankshaft's position and speed. The process used to manufacture the part involves a plasma pretreatment of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), overmolded with polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), then plasma pretreatment of the crankshaft flange and overmolding with ethylene acrylic elastomer (AEM). The new crankshaft design provides a 56% weight savings and improved reliability.



Powertrain - Entry 58

Turbo Intake Manifold

OEM: DaimlerChrysler
Model: PT Cruiser Turbo & GT
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: Siemens Automotive
Molder / Processor: Siemens Automotive
Toolmaker: Active Burgess
Material Supplier: DuPont Automotive
Generic Resin Type: GF PA
Resin Trade Name: Zytel
Grade: EFE7276-BK398
Summary:  The PT Turbo air-intake manifold (AIM) was converted from aluminum to nylon (polyamide (PA)) 6/6, resulting in a $3-million annual part-cost savings. The part also commonized the lower plastic manifold as well as the press-in-place gasket. The plastic design provides a 10-lb weight savings. It is the first plastic manifold for a turbocharger application. An engine NVH and beauty cover was added to reduce NVH by 3 dB.



Powertrain - Entry 30



Alternator Cooling Cover

OEM: Ford
Model: Fusion and Milan
Model Year: 2006
System Supplier: Plastech
Molder / Processor: Millennium Plastic Technologies
Toolmaker: N/A
Material Supplier: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
Generic Resin Type: 40% GF PPS
Resin Trade Name: Ryton
Grade: R-4-200BL
Summary:  The integrated cooling-cover design for the Ford Fusion alternator is molded in a 40%-glass-filled polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) material. The cover design reduced development costs by allowing greater versatility in packaging of the alternator, while meeting the 400oF working temperature requirements. Significant engine-development cost savings were realized due to the cover design.