Safety - Entry 19



Pedestrian Protection Energy Absorber

OEM: Suzuki
Model: Swift
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: Takagi Seiko
Molder / Processor: Takagi Seiko
Toolmaker: Takagi Seiko
Material Supplier: GE Advanced Materials
Generic Resin Type: PC / PBT
Resin Trade Name: Xenoy
Grade: 1102
Summary:  A polycarbonate (PC) / polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) front-end pedestrian-protection system weighing 1.5 lb less than a comparable steel design enables the Suzuki Swift to meet the European Union's Phase 1 lower-leg pedestrian-protection requirements within a 45-mm packaging space.



Safety - Entry 21



Pedestrian Protection System

OEM: Volkswagen
Model: Golf
Model Year: 2004
System Supplier: AKSYS GmbH
Molder / Processor: AKSYS GmbH
Toolmaker: Eppinger WF
Material Supplier: Quadrant AG
Generic Resin Type: Textile-Reinforced GMT
Resin Trade Name: GMTex
Grade: N/A
Summary:  A textile-reinforced glass-mat-thermoplastic (GMT) composite pedestrian-protection beam fulfills the European Unions' new pedestrian-protection safety standards on an existing vehicle design. Versus steel, the pedestrian-protection beam provides a 30% weight savings, 50% material cost savings, and 15% tooling cost savings, while also simplifying assembly and reducing recycling costs.



Safety - Entry 17



Adaptive Front Lighting System

OEM: Mercedes-Benz
Model: E-Class
Model Year: 2003
System Supplier: Hella KG Hueck & Co.
Molder / Processor: Ochsler AG, HUS GmbH
Toolmaker: Ochsler AG, HUS GmbH
Material Supplier: Ticona GmbH
Generic Resin Type: Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)
Resin Trade Name: Vectra
Grade: A625
Summary:  Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) gearwheels and slide bearings help make possible the first-ever, active-cornering, Xenon headlamp system. Accommodating tight tolerances, high temperatures (180oC) and low gas release, the LCP gearwheels also satisfy mechanical requirements by enduring over 5-million swivel cycles without failure. Within milliseconds, the LCP slide bearings adjust shutter height, controlling light distribution, depending on beam mode, thereby increasing illumination by up to 50% and delivering a smooth, friction-free, reliable system.



Safety - Entry 18

Active Energy Absorbing Steering Column

OEM: Ford
Model: Town Car / Grand Marque / Crown Victoria
Model Year: 2005
System Supplier: Delphi Corporation
Molder / Processor: IER Industries / Plastic Solutions / Delphi Corporation
Toolmaker: N/A
Material Supplier: DuPont Automotive
Generic Resin Type: Acetal / PPA / Nylon
Resin Trade Name: N/A
Grade: N/A
Summary:  Numerous plastic components within this next-generation, adaptive energy-absorbing (EA) steering-column module enhance safety for a broader spectrum of drivers under a wider range of conditions. A nylon guide, a polyphthalamide (PPA) bushing, an acetal / magnesium break-away capsule, and a nylon / nitrile rubber / metal washer retaining ring are incorporated in the module. Depending on vehicle inputs, a pyrotechnic-activated device adjusts the load at which the steering column collapses at the instant of collision. In combination with a 2-stage airbag, these Ford vehicles achieved a 5-Star crash rating with minimal vehicle design changes.



Safety - Entry 67



PU Foam for Side-Impact Performance Improvement

OEM: General Motors
Model: Cadillac DTS / Buick Lucerne
Model Year: 2006
System Supplier: Dow Automotive
Molder / Processor: General Motors
Toolmaker: N/A
Material Supplier: Dow Automotive
Generic Resin Type: PU
Resin Trade Name: Betafoam
Grade: 89100/89124
Summary:  Bulk, high-density, reaction-injection molded (RIM) polyurethane (PU) foam is injected into the cavity of the rocker panel in order to limit lateral structural deformation of the B-pillar in the case of a side impact. In addition to enhanced vehicle crash-safety performance, the RIM-containing BIW frame reduces costs vs. steel reinforcements by eliminating steel tools, paint-shop upgrades, as well as reduced assembly times per vehicle.



Safety - Entry 61



Laser-Markable Tire-Pressure Monitor

OEM: Ford
Model: Multiple
Model Year: 2006
System Supplier: Lear Corporation
Molder / Processor: Lear Corporation
Toolmaker: Great Lakes Mold
Material Supplier: GE Advanced Materials
Generic Resin Type: PBT
Resin Trade Name: Valox
Grade: N/A
Summary:  A laser-etchable polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) sensor monitors tire pressure and informs the driver. Each tire sensor is uniquely tagged by data that is etched into the sensor's body, thereby identifying sequenced manufacturing information. Vehicle safety performance is enhanced by minimizing the likelihood of operating the vehicle at improper tire pressures.