September 16-18, 2008

MSU Management Education Center
811 W. Square Lake Road
Troy, MI

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    » Advances in Thermoplastic Composites
    » Advances in Thermoset Composites
    » Bio- & Natural-Fiber Composites
    » Bonding, Joining, & Finishing of Composites
    » Composites in Trucks
Enabling Technologies
    » Nanocomposites
New Composite Materials & Processes
    » Structural Composites
    » Virtual Prototyping & Testing of Composites

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Structural Composites
(Click the PDF icons to view abstracts, papers, or presentations that were available at press time.)
Paper Title Author Company
High Performance Plastic Components for Engine Mount Applications Hans-Juergen Karkosch & Holger Klink ContiTech Vibration Control & BASF
Machine Augmented Composites Utilizing an Hourglass Shaped Core Element in a Soft Nearly Incompressible Matrix Roston Elwell Texas A&M University
Development of a Structural Composite Underbody Libby Berger General Motors Corp. / Automotive Composites Consortium
Advances in High Fiber Composites Fred Deans Allied Composite Technologies, LLC

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