September 16-18, 2008

MSU Management Education Center
811 W. Square Lake Road
Troy, MI

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    » Advances in Thermoplastic Composites
    » Advances in Thermoset Composites
    » Bio- & Natural-Fiber Composites
    » Bonding, Joining, & Finishing of Composites
    » Composites in Trucks
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    » Nanocomposites
New Composite Materials & Processes
    » Structural Composites
    » Virtual Prototyping & Testing of Composites

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Virtual Prototyping & Testing of Composites
(Click the PDF icons to view abstracts, papers, or presentations that were available at press time.)
Paper Title Author Company
Constitutive Modeling of Polymer Composites made from LBL Manufacturing Technique Harish Iyer University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
DIGIMAT Multi-Scale Modeling: The Technology & Software Tools for a Predictive Development of Reinforced Plastic Parts Roger Assaker e-Xstream Engineering
Theoretical Simulation of Cure-Induced Deformations of Composite Car Body Panels Medhi Kiasat & Hamid Mostofi Amirkabir University of Technology & Iran University of Science & Technology
Techniques and Results for Fiber Length Distribution Determination as a Function of Thickness in Long Fiber Reinforced Injection Molded Thermoplastics Vlastimil Kunc Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Computer Predictions of the Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Composites During Molding Alejandro Londoño-Hurtado University of Wisconsin-Madison
Damage Repair of Low Velocity Impacted Woven Thermoplastic Composites Uday Sharma University of Michigan - Dearborn
Composite Liftgate Ductility Performance Peter Foss General Motors Corp.
Strain-Life Fatigue Behaviour of Long Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polypropylene Jackie Rehkopf Exponent
Fatigue Life Prediction of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastic Components Robert Wahlmueller Magna Powertrain

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