September 15-16, 2009

MSU Management Education Center
811 W. Square Lake Road
Troy, MI

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This CD contains the technical program for the 9th-Annual SPE® Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE), the world's leading automotive composites forum.

Please click on the links on the left-hand column to learn more about this year's conference or access the technical program.
  • "About" provides links for the conference and the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE®).
  • "Welcome" contains an overview by event chair, Cedric Ball.
  • "Sponsors" salutes our sponsors who make the ACCE possible.
  • "Contributors" shows the team that put the conference together.
  • "Scholarships" introduces the newest ACCE Graduate-Level Scholarship winners.
  • "Schedule" lists the technical program by day, session, and room.
  • "Abstracts" contains mini-abstracts for each keynote and technical presentation.
  • "Program Guide" provides the complete conference guide.
  • "Keynote Speakers" offers short overviews of each keynote topic and speaker's background.
  • Under "Technical Papers by Session" select a session to view content of each technical track. Once that page loads, click on the PDF icon next to a given topic to view the paper, presentation, or abstract that was available at press time.

To access content from previous SPE ACCE conference CDs, visit

For more information on the SPE Automotive Composites Conference, visit or write the SPE Automotive Division, 1800 Crooks Road, Suite A, Troy MI 48084, USA.

All of the materials on this CD are in PDF format. You may need to install the free version of Adobe Acrobat® Reader® if your computer does not already have this software loaded. For convenience, we have provided a link to the download site below. Please check with your systems' personnel before installing any new software on your workstation.

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