September 15-16, 2009

MSU Management Education Center
811 W. Square Lake Road
Troy, MI

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Advances in Thermoplastic Composites
(Click the PDF icons to view abstracts, papers, or presentations that were available at press time.)
Paper Title Author Company
Pushtrusion™ Direct In-Line (D-LFT) Compounding Technology versus LFT Pellets & GMT Sheet Eric Wollan PlastiComp LLC
A Formulation Study of Long Fiber Thermoplastic Polypropylene (Part 1): The Effects of Coupling Agent Type & Properties Creig Bowland PPG Industries
Fatigue & Vibration Response of Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Uday Vaidya University of Alabama-Birmingham
Automotive Thermoplastic Composites...Industry Structure & New Technologies Respond to a Global Recession Bob Eller Robert Eller Associates
High Performance Reinforcement: A Pathway to Density Reduction while Maintaining Physical Properties of Polyolefin Composites David Lake Milliken Chemical
Innovative PPS Blow-Molded Air Duct for Turbocharged Diesel Engine Duane Emerson Ticona Engineering Polymers
Structural Thermoplastic Composites: Filling the Gap between Stamped Steel & Molded Composites Alan Murray Allied Composite Technologies
Latest in Additive Developments for Long Fibre Reinforced Polymers Frank Henning & Louis Martin Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technologies & Addcomp North America
Advances in Thermoplastic Composites Using CBT Fred Deans Allied Composite Technologies

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