September 15-16, 2009

MSU Management Education Center
811 W. Square Lake Road
Troy, MI

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Virtual Prototyping & Testing of Composites
(Click the PDF icons to view abstracts, papers, or presentations that were available at press time.)
Paper Title Author Company
Digimat Material eXpert - From the Material Lab to the Efficient & Optimal Design of Reinforced Plastic Parts Roger Assaker e-Xstream Engineering
Damage Modeling of Injection-Molded Short- & Long-Fiber Thermoplastics Ba Nghiep Nguyen Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
Application of Digimat Micromechanical Modeling to Polymer Composites Peter Foss General Motors Co.
Sensing When the Molding Cycle is Over.... The Key to Productivity & Product Consistency Tom Trexler Ashland, Inc.
Advanced Simulation of Fiber-Reinforced Automotive Radiator End Tanks by Capturing Anisotropic Material Properties Suresh Shah Delphi Corp.
Material Characterization & Modelling of Long Glass-Fiber Composites Matthew Marks SABIC Innovative Plastics
Fatigue Properties of Injection Molded 33% E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide-6,6 Shivanand Sankaran University of Michigan-Dearborn
Identification, Selection & Development of Composite Test Standards - A Case Study from the Development of a Design Standard for Composites Ellen Lackey University of Mississippi
Engineering Aspects of Designing with Pultruded Carbon-Fiber Composites Jay Tudor Dow Automotive
Study of Braided Composites for Energy Absorption Andy Rich Plasan Carbon Composites
Mesoscopic Finite Element Simulation of the Compression Forming of Sheet Molding Compound Woven-Fabric Composites James Sherwood University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Progress in Simulations for Short & Long Glass Fiber Thermoplastic Composites Gregorio Vélez-GarcÍa *2009 SPE ACCE Scholarship Award Winner* Virginia Tech
Initial Finite Element Analysis of Bond-Line Read-Through in Composite Automotive Body Panels Subject to Elevated Temperature Cure Hannes Fuchs Multimatic
Progressive Ply Failure Analysis for Composite Structures Barton McPheeters NEi Software, Inc.
Analysis of Woven Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites under Varying Strain Rates Uday Sharma *2008 SPE ACCE Scholarship Award Winner* University of Michigan-Dearborn
Using a New Composite Energy-Absorber Bumper to Improve Automotive Crashworthiness Siavash Taher *Written Paper Only* Curtin University of Technology (Malaysia)

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