September 15-16, 2010

MSU Management Education Center
811 W. Square Lake Road
Troy, MI

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    » Advances in Thermoplastic Composites
    » Advances in Thermoset Composites
    » Bio- & Natural-Fiber Composites
    » Composites: Business Trends & Technologies
    » Design & Development of a Structural Underbody
    » Enabling Technologies
    » Nanocomposites
    » Virtual Prototyping & Testing of Composites

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Bio- & Natural-Fiber Composites
(Click the PDF icons to view abstracts, papers, or presentations that were available at press time.)
Paper Title Author Company
More Sustainable Non-Woven Fabric Composites for Automotive Using Coir (Coconut) Fibers Walter Bradley Baylor University
Compression Molded, Bio-Fiber Reinforced, High Performance Thermoset Composites for Structural and Semi-Structural Applications Leonard Fifield Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Eco-Friendly Acrylic Copolymers Offering Clean Manufacturing, Reduced VOC Emissions, Excellent Performance Gero Nordmann BASF Corp.
Lightweight Sustainable Substrate Materials for Automotive Interiors Matt Barr Faurecia

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