September 11-13, 2013

The Diamond Banquet & Conference Center
at the Suburban Collection Showplace

46100 Grand River Avenue
Novi, MI 48374

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Enabling Technologies
(Click the PDF icons to view abstracts, papers, or presentations that were available at press time.)
Paper Title Author Company
A Study of the Effects of Rapid Cycling Pressurized Water Heating/Cooling on Composite/Injection Mold Tool Temperatures Kip Petrykowski SINGLE Temperature Controls, Inc.
Temperature Control in Manufacturing Self Reinforced Polymers (SRPs): A Smart Way to Keep Cool David Lowe Regloplas AG
Thin Wall and Superior Surface Quality Processing Method of Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic for Cosmetic Applications José Feigenblum RocTool
Aerospace Process Control for Automotive Composites: Defect Prevention, Data Collection and Documentation Scott Blake Assembly Guidance Systems
Rapid Molding of Thermoplastic Composites Jim Mihalich Cyclics Corp.
Adhesive Technology for Automotive Multi-Material Substrate Bonding Frank Billotto Dow Automotive Systems
Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic (CFRT®) Inserts for Injection Over-Molding in Structural Applications Thomas Smith TenCate Performance Composites
High-Pressure Resin Injection – Key Technology for Large-Scale Production Matthias Graf Dieffenbacher GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau
Improving DLFT Molding Productivity via Lessons Learned in Non-Automotive Applications Darin Grinsteinner CPI Binani Inc.
Additive Manufacturing Research Briefing Chad Duty Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Active Thermal Management using the PtFS Process for Rapid Processing of Composite Structures Ben Halford Surface Generation Ltd.

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